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Chaining dogs gets one killed


A Chihuahua in Terrell County was killed on Christmas day, in a situation that could have been prevented had the owners of the dogs followed the county ordinance.

Officials say a dog escaped from his pen, and ran next door where a dog was tied up. The two dogs got into a fight.

When the owners came out and tried to break the fight up, a small Chihuahua got into the mix, and was killed by one of the dogs.

Both parties were in violation of county ordinance, by not controlling their dog and by having a dog chained.

A reminder of just how important these ordinances are. "The police department everyday cites people for having dogs chained or tied in the back yard, and they go before the judge, and he will fine them. Because there is no ignorance of the law whatsoever, and because of a dog being chained, a little dog was killed," said Martha Ann Coe of the Humane Society.

The Chihuahua belonged to a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. The dog was staying with his grandmother until he returned.

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