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Alaska Ice sculpture celebrates Newtown victims

Adam Pinsker, KTUU/NBC News

Anchorage, Alaska -  Jim Brown has carved snow and ice sculptures for years, now, he's lending his talents to a good cause.

Brown's snow and ice sculpting skills have taken him to competitions in Fairbanks, California and Dallas, and he also likes to show off his craft on his front lawn.

But this isn't your traditional nativity scene. The 20 angels gazing into the winter sky symbolize the children murdered December 14th, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

"I started working on it basically Thursday, so I had it done basically Saturday afternoon. I tried lighting it up, but it was too windy so we use the artificial candles we have here," says Jim Brown.

He used snow that came down from recent storms, molded it into the right consistency, then carved the faces and wings with power tools and a chainsaw.

"A lot of people come by and I was wondering if they would get the connection between the 20 angels, and everybody has," says Brown.

"Honestly I've driven by this a few times before, and I thought they were just statutes placed out, I had no idea they had been hand carved, that makes it even more impressive I think," says Dan Baldesari.

Brown says this is just his way of showing support to the victim's families and residents of Newtown, a community that is still in mourning.

"I'm a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, so I know what it's like to have children," says Brown.

Even the coldest looking displays of kindness have a way of warming the heart.

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