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Are you a Workaholic?

Eda Kalkay characterizes herself as an "engaged workaholic". It's a new term for people who work long hours, not because they're driven by unhealthy compulsion, but because they love their jobs and want to stay ahead.

"The economy today is really adding an entirely new level of pressure to the, to the workforce," Kalkay said.

Are you a workaholic? Researchers developed a new scale to help you figure it out. Some of the questions include how often do you:

• Hear others tell you to cut down on work?

• Become stressed if you aren't working?

• Think of how you can free up more time to work?

• Spend less time enjoying leisure activities because of work?

If you answered "often" to many of those questions, you could be a workaholic.

"It's definitely a red flag for people." There's this perception that if I lose my job I'm never going to get a job again that makes people more of a workaholic," Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo said.

Lombardo says she's seeing a lot more patients who are stressed about work and they are blaming the economy.

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