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GSP: Travel safety tips


State troopers say you should just stay off the roads tonight if you can.

If you have to drive, they say leave with plenty of time to get to your destination, don't follow closely behind other drivers, and stay at the speed limit or below.

Trooper Chris Kelch says if you hydroplane on a wet road, do not slam on your breaks.

"Don't mash on your breaks, just reduce your speed by taking your foot of the break, off the accelerator. Steer with the skid, don't overcorrect it, don't jerk your wheel, that can cause a worse crash," said Trooper Kelch.

Troopers say, even though today is a holiday, they will be patrolling looking for reckless drivers.

And if you get pulled over for speeding, don't expect a warning. You will get a ticket.

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