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Pawn shops see high holiday gun sales


While toys and clothes are big sellers this time of year, guns are also flying off the shelves in south Georgia.

Whether it's for hunting, protection, or just recreational target practice, pawn shops say their gun sales are through the roof.

Rifles, shotguns, and even BB guns.

American Pawn Shop Manager Jonathan Gandy says gun buyers are out in full force.

"We've been busy. Christmas seems to get everyone in the shopping mood. Black Friday hits and seems to get everybody out. And then we stay busy all day long."

Gandy says it's very convenient for Christmas to fall in the middle of hunting season.

"Well there is a lot of hunting around here. We have a lot of plantations so I think a lot of people around here hunt. So sales always pick up when dove season comes in, deer season comes in. So we sell a lot of shotguns and rifles."

Gandy says his store does not just market to one gender or age group.

"One thing we found that we tried new this year is children's bow and arrows. Nice ones, not just the little toys. Those seem to have done really well. BB guns always seem to do really well. We always try to keep the little Daisy Red Riders in stock and single shot shotguns. Those always do real well."

But when purchasing these items, safety needs to be a top priority.

"When you get a firearm for a gift, especially for children, you need to make sure they're familiar with the gun safety rules. You can find them online. There are four basic rules. One the NRA website they have more than four, but gun safety is more important than probably anything when it comes to gifts you may get someone," said Gandy.

Gandy says even though his store has been really busy over the last few weeks, he expects the next three days to be even busier.

The FBI recorded more than 1.5-million background checks for gun sales last December.

About one-third of those took place in the week before Christmas.


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