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Illegal dumping reveals animal cruelty in Terrell Co.


An investigation into illegal dumping in Terrell County reveals a terrible case of animal cruelty.

Two dogs were found shot to death on a creek bank.

It's the same spot where several dead pigs were dumped along with mounds of garbage.

The property owner and animal control are outraged.

This area near Bronwood is off dirt road but it's become a dump site for people. The problem is people are throwing trash and carcasses in the creek which feeds into irrigation ponds but what was found there today is evidence of animal cruelty.

The creek that splits through Mitchell Nolan's Terrell County property has become a haven for illegal dumping.

"You want to keep your county clean and people have no respect," said Mitchell Nolan, Property Owner.

For years people have used the bridge off Vance Moore road as a place to toss off anything from mattresses to bags or garbage. But it's gotten worse.

"A lot of people will drive down here and dump anything, furniture and dead animals," said Nolan.

Just recently someone threw out a dead pig and its babies. But it was a discovery made this morning that got the attention of animal control.

"For someone to shoot these dogs and throw them in the creek is just heartless," said Nolan.

The images are two gruesome to show fully. A lab mix dog that just had puppies and a beagle puppy shot at point blank range.

The puppy's head entirely blown off, Terrell County Animal Control Director Martha Ann Coe says it's one of the most despicable cases of animal cruelty she's seen.

"I don't believe these were strays. I just don't. I believe somebody did this out of cruelness and if we can find them, we will prosecute them to the very fullest extent of the law," said Mary Ann Coe, Terrell Co. Animal Control.

Middle Creek feeds local irrigation ponds and eventually flows into the Kinchafoonee. The trash along with the carcasses is more than just an eyesore it's a potential hazard.

"It costs the taxpayers. We have to go and clean it up. What does it do to the water used to irrigate the crops that we all eat," said Coe.

"The person doing it just a coward. Heartless," said Nolan.

Nolan hopes the dumping stops and county officials say this cruel act is motivation to shut down whomever's behind it.

The county has cleaned up that same location twice in previous years and will have to do it a third time at taxpayers' expense.

If you have any information on who may have killed those dogs contact the Terrell County Humane Society at 995-4410.

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