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Extra holiday patrols prevent crime


Albany Police officers are working long hours and manning special details especially around retail areas to keep you safe during the holidays.

They're trying to prevent the normal increase in crime this time of year.

 But that increased police presence may not be so obvious.

You might have walked right by an officer, and not noticed because they were in plain clothes.

Many Albany Police officers have been working 12 to 16 hour shifts, many undercover, to protect folks during their Christmas holiday rush.

Betty Green came from Cordele to Christmas shop at the Albany Mall.  She was glad to hear that police she did not see were watching out for her.

"It does make me feel good to know, especially this time of the year," said Betty Green, Shopper.

Folks get so busy during the Christmas season they often don't think about criminals.  But cops have been working overtime to watch for them.

"Several uniform as well as undercover officers have been out patrolling different areas in Albany to ensure that the citizens as well as visitors entering the city of Albany, they are going to be safe and free from crime," said Albany Police Investigator, Terrance Bryant.

While extra patrols have been watching neighborhoods, special details have been undercover to watch the mall and stores.

"We have been looking for suspicious activity such as people standing outside watching motorists as they exit their vehicles.  We've been watching strange cars possibly circling the parking lot over and over again," said Bryant.

While there are officers watching, police urge you to still stay alert when you are doing that last minute shopping. 

Stay in a group, park in well lighted areas; don't leave your purse or your packages in open view in the car.  Stow them in your trunk.  If you see someone following you, alert a store employee. 

Betty Green used caution on her shopping trip, but said she is glad police are being extra vigilant as well.

"I think it's good that we have more safety because of the many things that has happened lately in the news.  So I'm proud of them," said Green.

Because Christmas is a time for love, peace, and joy not being a crime victim.

Police supervisors say they are proud how many officers have volunteered to work extra hours on these details wanting to make sure people are safe in Albany.

Albany Police believe these extra details are preventing crime. 

They have not seen the normal spike in thefts and break-ins as Christmas approaches. 

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