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Uncle saves family from Acree house fire

Tony Scott hugs a niece after the fire. The girl arrived on the scene later. Tony Scott hugs a niece after the fire. The girl arrived on the scene later.
Kimberly Payne (left) stands with family who arrived on the scene later Kimberly Payne (left) stands with family who arrived on the scene later

A Dougherty County family  is wondering how they'll replace all their possessions, including their Christmas gifts.

They lost everything in an early morning house fire. Thankfully one adult woke up and got everyone out, including two children. Firefighters say the lone smoke detector in the home in Acree was not working, and everyone was asleep when the fire started just after 7 this morning.

An uncle, staying with the family, is being called a hero for getting everyone out safe.

According to fire officials, the 800 square foot home is a total loss. The Flint River Chapter of the Red Cross is assisting with aid, but anything that could be donated is appreciated.

25 year old Anthony Windows, his 23 year old fiance Kimberley Payne, and her uncle Tony Scott look over the ashes of what's left of their home.

 Scott said "I lost everything but didn't lose anybody. So that's always a blessing."

Scott is being hailed as a hero, after the Windows family home on Acree Road went up in flames about 7 Wednesday morning. Everyone, including four year old Aubrey and two year old Austin were asleep when the fire spread.

Scott said "I just happened to spend the night. And for some reason something woke me up. And kitchen was on fire. I got everybody else up and drug the kids out of the house. I'm glad they're all right."

Firefighters say the flames spread quickly, and the house was fully involved when the first truck arrived.

Albany Fire Investigator Sam Harris said "If that gentleman had not awoken, we would have probably had some people dead here. Lord blessed them, and us."

Windows suffered smoke inhalation and Payne's hair was singed by the flames. Scott cut his hand breaking a back window, going back in to save the family dog.

 Scott said "I had to go back in and get the dog. Burnt my head a little bit. But the babies got out. All the people got out, so it's OK."

The Windows family just moved into the home less than a month ago. And even though they lost everything, they say it's OK.

 Kimberley Payne said "We're going to try and rebuild our family back."

The young couple had bought all their presents, and were ready for a Merry Christmas. Even though the presents are gone, the family says this Christmas will now be even more meaningful.

 Samantha High said "We're thankful that it's going to be a blessed Christmas. At least everybody's alive. That's what Christmas is really all about. Family."

A family who lost all their possessions in a house fire, but saved the things most precious.

The dad wears size 34/30 pants, Large shirts, and 9.5 - 10 shoes.  The mom wears size 1 pants, and a small top. Her shoes are size 6.5. The girl wears 4-T clothing, and the little boy is 2-T, and wears size 4 diapers.

Firefighters say an electrical short behind the refrigerator started the fire. They say this blaze shows the importance of having working smoke detectors in homes.

You can call 229-603-4419, and email this address to contact the family

 The family had lived in the house only a month.


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