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"Acts of Kindness" spreading to South Georgia


As the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary begins to sink in, some are finding comfort in a national movement, which is sweeping social media.

"It makes everyone feel better to help other people.  We all feel so helpless with this horrible, unspeakable tragedy that happened that I believe it will help all of us restore our faith a bit in the goodness of mankind.  We can help our friends, our neighbors and our family, and help our community," said Diane Fletcher, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia CEO.

NBC's Ann Curry issued the online call for kindness, asking for people to perform 20 acts in honor of the children killed in the mass shooting. But that number has since grown to 26 to also include the educators.

And as many folks in Albany, like Christopher Edwards, are finding out about the movement, they're eager to join in on the pay it forward spirit.

"It's very new to me. And I plan on doing as close to 26 acts of kindness. I've already done some acts of kindness just for the holidays. But just to know about this type of event, to be a part of something that could boosts someone's morale, I would love to do that," said Edwards.

The "26 acts of kindness movement" is bringing folks together from all over the country through social media. Many are sharing their random, anonymous acts, whether it's paying for someone's meal in the drive thru or donating to a local charity.

"I think capturing that and sharing it in such a forum like social media is just a really cool thing. And it targets people of all ages and that's what's wonderful. Facebook is popular with older women, but Twitter is so popular among college students. So to be able to get that variety and to be able to see all kinds of people coming together is really an amazing thing," said Casey Perkins, owner of Milestone Trading Company.

In a matter of days thousands have already voiced their support and that number continues to grow, honoring those who were taken too soon and boosting the morale of a country in mourning.

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