Viewpoint: Mental Health Discussion

The nation is still numb from the unspeakable horror that left 28 people dead in Newtown, Connecticut last week.

As we learn more about the young man who created this carnage, and plunged a town into mourning, We soon saw that he was mentally ill... And how could anyone kill 20 little children and not be insane?

Mental illness isn't something that modern medicine can easily treat, and society tends to ignore… until something like Newtown happens.

We didn't talk about it after Aurora… Or after Virginia Tech.

Will we now?

Over the next few weeks, you're going to hear a lot of talk from politicians about Guns, assault weapons, and large capacity magazines.

But pay attention to the ones who talk about re-addressing how America deals with mental illness.

Issues like: what is the proper balance between the individual's right to privacy, and society's right to know, when mental illness is diagnosed.

What are improved treatment options for parents, and where will the additional funding come from?

At some point, we've got to come to the conclusion that the human being is what must be addressed.

A human pulls the trigger, whether the gun holds 20 bullets, or ONE.

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