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After Newtown, some GA parents are uneasy

Debbie Christian, a mother of two Debbie Christian, a mother of two
Zaria Rouse, a mother of two Zaria Rouse, a mother of two
Benita McGhee Benita McGhee

Classes went on as scheduled at Dougherty County Schools Monday. There was no extra security or any special precautions taken since the deadly school in Connecticut.  

We talked to parents here who say that could've happened anywhere. Some of them felt uncomfortable about dropping their kids off this morning.

 "I'm kind of nervous and upset," said Debbie Christian, a mother of two. "I dropped them off and I had to come around and come back. I walked in and said 'I just wanted to say I love you.' I gave him a big hug. It makes you real nervous. You don't know when you drop them off, if you're going to see them again. 

"It's kind of scary and that's when I pull on my faith. I trust God to cover and protect my children." said Zaria Rouse, a mother of two.

"I did talk to my children to make sure they felt safe. They heard it all over the news," said Benita McGhee a mother of three.

Parents also talked to their kids about what to do if a gunman enters their classroom.

" I told them if they see something peculiar about to happen go underneath their desk and sit still," said Debbie Christian.

"I told them to follow instructions of their teacher. If she says get down, get down, they need to do what their told. Don't try and be no hero," said Benita McGhee.

Victims of the school shooting in Connecticut will be laid to rest last this week.

For the first time police have confirmed there were actually two victims who survived this shooting. Both will be integral in this investigation.

 Police also praised first responders. Friends of the shooters mother- also a victim- describe the shooter as withdrawn.


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