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Albany church prays for Newtown community


People are grieving across the country after 26 people, most of them children, were shot and killed Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary school in southwestern Connecticut.

As the nation tries to cope with the tragedy, many looked for comfort in their churches Sunday morning. 

Albany church members gathered to light candles and remember those who lost their lives in Connecticut.

"The little kids, who would do something like that, who would hurt somebody indiscriminately, and not only that but children, they are in daycare and kindergarten and I couldn't wait to go pick them up because you are worried about them all day long," said Mike Pringle, Parent.

Police say 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother Friday in their home.

Then took two hand guns and an assault rifle and headed to Sandy Hook Elementary School where his mother had worked, killing another 26 people, 20 of them children, before turning the gun on himself.

 "It is just a travesty, for something to happen like that, the poor parents, to lose your kids like that, one day you drop them off in the morning, you go to work, and then you find out they are not there anymore, I mean how does somebody deal with that," said Pringle.

Religious leaders around the nation have rewritten their sermons to address the tragedy that has affected the entire country.

"We are going to say prayers thanking God for the gift of life, thanking God for the savior, and we are going to say prayers for the people who have lost their children, we are going to pray for them too," said Father Finbarr Stanton, St. Teresa Catholic Church.

One Albany Priest says the sermon he had already prepared tells the story called the Massacre of the Innocence, a dark passage in Saint Mathews Gospel chapter 2.

It now has an eerie connection with the shooting massacre in Connecticut.

"We are reading the story of the birth of Christ this time of year, and in that story, there is a very dark passage, where king Herod who was rather a very difficult king, and had a sick mind, and he ordered all children under the age of 2 to be killed, because he was suspicious," said Stanton.

As many families hold each other close in appreciation of their loved ones, the country also mourns with this small Connecticut community that has lost so much.

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