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Ryan's Hot Chocolate Sale helps families in need


While most 13 year old boys are focused on video games or girls, one young teen in Bainbridge is focused on making a difference.

For the last 5 years, Ryan Adams has sold hot chocolate to help families in need during the holidays. This year, his operation and goals are bigger than ever.

Five years ago, Ryan Adams was just like any other 8 year old kid.

That was until he decided to sell some hot chocolate.

"My friends were selling chocolate to try to make money. I decided to do it for myself to make some money for Christmas presents, but when I got it I realized I needed to give it to someone who really really needed it."

That year Ryan raised $150 dollars and donated it to a woman who lost everything she owned in a fire.

"I am so proud of him. His step parents, his dad, his grandparents, we are so proud of him. He's an inspiration to so many because most 13 year olds are interested in video games or hunting. I know my son would rather be hunting," said Ryan's Mother Shaie Bowen.

Every year since, Ryan's Hot Chocolate Sale has continued to grow.

Ryan says with all of the community support he's received this year, he's set a goal of $2,000.

"I didn't know we were going to do it this year and he up and said yea we are going to raise $2,000 dollars this year. And I thought oh wow $2,000," said Bowen.

After posting about the event online, Ryan's mother Shaie Bowen received some unexpected news.

"Tad Kelley with Community Coffee and his wife Misty Kelly contacted me and they donated all of the hot chocolate this year which has saved me from having to put out the money for that."

Ryan would like to use the money he raises to help as many families as he can.

"One family has a child who has been sick for a while. They go back and forth constantly to Atlanta, to the hospitals, it's a little girl. We gave to them last year and we are going to give to them again this year a gas card to help with the gas expense," said Bowen.

And Ryan says the cold weather came through just in time. "I was scared it was going to be hot and not as many people want hot chocolate, but not it feels like it's getting colder and it helps us a lot."

Bowen says on top of the Community Coffee donation, Pepsi has also agreed to donate the concession stand.

The sale begins Saturday morning at 7 a.m. in front of Golden Corral on Shotwell Street in Bainbridge.


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