Viewpoint: There grows Darton

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After years of record enrollment, the number of students at most schools in the University System of Georgia dropped this fall.

Darton State College bucked that trend. Darton now has more than 6,400 students. It's the only college in our area that grew this year, and it had the fourth highest enrollment rate increase in the state.

Part of the credit goes to the college's new four-year nursing degree program, and we hope Darton can add more bachelor's programs in the near future. But Darton leaders also deserve praise.

They heard predictions from the state of decreasing enrollment and set out to make sure that didn't happen at Darton.

They increased marketing efforts to reach out to more students and offered greater support to current students to make sure they have the tools to succeed so they don't drop out.

We commend Darton's foresight and commitment to growth. That's good for the Albany area, and we hope it continues.