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Rain welcomed by weather related businesses

Tony Reeves Tony Reeves
Karen Crosby Karen Crosby


It fills our aquifers, grows our plants, and remains a lifeline for many south Georgia businesses.

"The hay is not growing which in turn helps my feed sales, but it also deters from the add on things that we sell like the hay twine, fertilizers, and things of that nature," said Tractor Supply Manager Tony Reeves.

"It got extremely dry and we're all thankful to get this rain. I know it's messy for people trying to Christmas shop and getting ready for the holidays, but we really needed the rain," said NeSmith Nursery Manager Karen Crosby.

Business owners say too much rain can wash away new growth, but not enough rain is much worse.

"Today has not been a torrential downpour which would cause it to do that. Today is exactly what we need, but about another week like this solid," said Reeves.

"We're doing some landscape jobs and of course if you have a lot rain, you can't hardly work in the rain. But then when it's dry, the ground is harder. It makes it harder to plant. We have to go and do a lot more watering because plants have to have water. Even though it's cool at night, it's been getting warm in the days," said Crosby.

Nesmith Nursery Manager Karen Crosby does have some advice for backyard gardeners.

"Always mulch your plants and stuff and then when we get a rain that helps to hold the moisture plus it helps keep it from running off so fast."

Crosby says while the mild temperatures have saved them money on their power bill, the lack of rain has done quite the opposite on their water bill.

According to the National Weather Service, drought conditions are likely to persist and possibly intensify through March.

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