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Lee County boy turns 12 on 12/12/12


12/12/12 is the last repeating number date of the century. And for a young Lee County boy who's turning 12, it marks an extra special golden birthday.

Cohn Sellers is like many other normal boys turning 12, he's asking for video games. But this years birthday is anything but normal.

"This year, eventually it just turns out to be 12/12/12 and I turn 12. I mean, I don't even know how this happened, but it's pretty crazy," said Sellers.

The sixth grader from Lee County says being born in the year 2000 has helped him keep track of his age. But he had no idea that the year would also make his golden birthday so special.

"I first realized this probably the beginning of this year or late last year. I mean I was really excited. It's just crazy. I've been telling all my friends this whole year, my birthday is so crazy."

No doubt his friends, teachers and family members are talking about his birthday coinciding with the unusual date and time alignment. And Cohn is making sure to let the significance of this sink in.

"This is just amazing for me. It's once in a lifetime thing. It won't happen for another hundred years."

And Cohn is planning on celebrating this once in a lifetime day with a bowling party this weekend.

And maybe the number 12 will carry over. He would have to bowl 12 strikes in a row to get a perfect game.

If you were wondering, Cohn was born at 7:48pm. And his address has "12" in it as well.

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