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Investigators plant dummy chainsaws to catch thieves


There's an unusual lookout in Thomas County. Investigators are searching for a pair of dummy chainsaws.

"If somebody has possession of those chainsaws or knows their location please contact the sheriff's office. They are not going to be charged with it," said Lt. Tim Watkins.

Investigators say pictures show two men taking the phony saws from a wooded area near New Hope Road.

They put the saws, and surveillance equipment there, after learning prisoners were purposely leaving equipment behind for others to steal.

"If you actually watch the video it looks like they were actually given step by step instructions at 3 o'clock in the morning," said Watkins.

The chainsaws aren't the only things investigators are searching for. They're still looking for 38-year old Jerry Ross who escaped from a prison work detail in September.

Investigators say with a prison inmate still on the loose, incidents like this do raise a few security issues.

"Our biggest problem and our biggest concern with the work details is making sure the officers keep accountability of their inmates because as you know we had an escape several months ago and that inmate is still on the loose," said Watkins.

Investigators say all of the prisoners on the work detail were interviewed by investigators, but they do not have any leads at this time.



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