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MCLB Albany Commanding Officer wants to open up base more

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The Commanding Officer at Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base wants to open the base up more to the community.

He's not talking about relaxing security.

But he does want Marines and Civilian Marines who work at the base to interact more with South Georgians.

Obviously since 9-11 the Marine Corps Logistics Base has been under tight security for the most part. Now the base's commanding officer says it's time to open up more, and become more a part of the community.

Colonel Don Davis has been the Albany Marine Base's Commanding Officer since May, and he has gotten to know the community around the base well.

 "I'm fairly confident there is not Al Qaeda Southwest Georgia or the Taliban of Albany, " said Colonel Davis. "We have nothing to fear from our local community. We have everything to gain and we have a lot of opportunities to share with them."

So with events like the Mud Run last month, that brought 600 people out to run with Marines, Colonel Davis has started making the base more available.

Davis said "One of the things I'd like to do is re-open the base. As I understand it, back in the old days, you'd come on a Saturday and you'd see kids playing soccer on the fields. You could come out on the weekend and maybe see a bunch of tents. The Boy Scouts out here doing a Jamboree. Different things like that."

Every year the Fourth of July celebration brings thousands of South Georgians to the base. Colonel Davis wants to have more opportunities for people to use the base and it's facilities. But opening the base to him also means having the Civilian Marines and active duty Marines working there going out more and serving in the community.

 Davis said "We go over the Afghanistan and we go out to other places in the world and we help those who are in need. And I've got an opportunity right here to help out in Southwest Georgia."

Marines are already mentoring at area schools, and the Colonel is looking for more ways to use the base and it's Marines to help fight problems of poverty, crime, and lack of education. Keeping security strong, while also using the Marine Base to improve the community around it.

Colonel Davis said they have a lot of neat stuff on base, like tanks and armored Humvees that most people don't get to often see .So watch as the Marine Base starts to have more events open to the public, and let people see this part of their community.

The Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany currently has 45-hundred employees, including 400 active duty Marines.

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