Viewpoint: Remember our great charities

Over Thanksgiving, there was a massive effort to help South Georgians who are struggling for enough wholesome food in hard economic times.

The Second harvest Food bank really came through to help our fellow citizens in several locations.

In Valdosta, More than 4,000 families left with 75 pounds of food each, for a total of 150,000 pounds of food in a drive-through giveaway.

In Albany and other cities, churches also stepped up to help with the food distribution

The group handed out nearly 1.4 million pounds of food from all its locations this month.

"But with fuel going up and down, and things can change and of course with the things that come about, one little rift in their economy can cause a meal or two to be missed. And that's what we're supposed to do here," said Jim Case, Second Harvest Albany Branch Director.

They helped everyone have good meals around Thanksgiving, But they'll need donations to build back up supplies for the Christmas Holiday.

Please remember them and make a contribution.