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Police emphasize seat belt use after fatal crash


This is what 33-year old Kandi Williams' Isuzu Rodeo looks like Monday after it flipped several times Sunday on Georgia Highway Three.

Officials say around 9 a.m. Williams lost control of the car while coming out of a turn near Rook Road.

Williams was transported to Archbold Memorial Hospital, but the passenger 28-year-old Shantrelle Reddick was ejected from the car and died on the scene.

"In 19 years in working in law enforcement I have seen more people killed, more people seriously injured by being ejected or flying around inside the vehicle because they weren't buckled in a crash, then I have anybody being buckled," said Captain Steve Jones.

Investigators say Reddick was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash.

"I always get the one person who says well my friend the state trooper said if they had been buckled up in this wreck they'd be dead. I have never worked that wreck," said Jones.

Officials say with the potential for heavy rain in the immediate forecast all drivers need to use extreme caution.

"Since we haven't had rain in quite some time, the asphalt hasn't been washed off. The oil seems to rise to the top and it makes it very slippery. So we just caution people to slow down when we do get some rain in here tonight or tomorrow," said Jones.

And officials say drivers need to be on alert and slow down while doing their holiday shopping.

"I see so many times people rushing for that front row parking spot. Walk a little bit. It's good for us. But like I said, I can't stress it enough, slow down, be patient, and let's be courteous to each other," said Jones.

Investigators say no charges have been filed, but the crash is still under investigation.



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