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Survey check cashing fraud launches investigation

The Dougherty County sheriff's office is warning about a survey check cashing fraud.

Investigators say the scam seems to be trying to harm Albany business Southeastern Commercial Tire and Recapping Incorporated, or Flint Community Bank.

Hundreds of checks have been sent throughout the state containing a survey and a check for $749.

The checks appear to be real and are even using the company's correct banking information and routing number.

Customers that cash the counterfeit check will have to return the money.

Investigators say they have never seen a scam like this one, because the person running the counterfeit checks will not profit.  That's why they think the motive is to harm the tire business or the bank. 

If you have received a check do not cash it instead call Dougherty County Sheriff's office at 229-431-3222.



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