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Joy for Jacob


It's been a long tough road for a 16-year-old boy in Poulan who's been fighting a rare genetic disorder his entire life.

But Saturday, one of his life-long dreams finally came true.

Jacob Entrekin is your typical 16-year-old boy. He loves his family and fixing up all old trucks with his dad.

"This is every teenagers dream to have a nice older truck like this," said Jacob Entrekin, Car recipient.

But for most of his life, Jacob's had to struggle to stay alive dealing with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy.

"As a parent when you watch your child struggle to live every day, you try to do the best you can but sometime you can't do enough," said Tony Entrekin, Jacob's Dad.

Jacob's dad Tony was dedicated to making sure his son had all the normal things in life including a car to drive when he finally turned 16.

That's when he bought an old beat up Chevy truck hoping it would be a special father-son project they could work on together.

But he didn't know how special it would be.

"He came to see me about getting a door for his truck one day and I said we can do a little better than that," said David Carter, Carter's Auto Salvage.

One by one, auto experts like Earl Berry, David Carter, and David Culpepper joined together to make sure Jacob's jalopy of a truck could turn into something unbelievable.

"We were just a brick in the wall really and it takes several bricks to build that wall and we built it," said

David Culpepper, Painter.

"So many times we work and do things and go all the time and we don't stop and appreciate you making me stop to see what life is all about," said Earl Berry, Worth County Wreckcreation Body Shop Owner.

After countless donations and hours spent on fixing up the old truck, the three men revealed its new look to Jacob Saturday making one of his life-long dreams come true.

"Just knowing that all these people are behind me is making me feel better. I just feel better knowing that all these people are helping," said Jacob Entrekin.

Jacob road in his brand new truck in the Poulan Christmas Parade Saturday afternoon, something he never thought was possible a month ago.

All the parts and labor for Jacob's new truck were donated by people all over southwest Georgia.

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