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Moultrie burglars may be connected to other cases


Some brazen burglars from Florida are jailed Thursday in South Georgia charged with breaking into several homes in a Colquitt County subdivision. But that may not be the only place they've hit.

These are the same suspects who were chased down by one of their victims earlier this week and arrested near Coolidge.

"As a mother, it's freighting to know my home may be in danger," said Alicia Waller.

Alicia Waller says she has some peace of mind now knowing these three men, 18 year-olds Karmen McCloud and Tyrone Woodson from Tallahassee and 18 year-old Khalil Manuel Pompano Beach, Florida are in jail Thursday charged with two counts of burglary each for breaking into homes On Silverwood Court and Shadowood Drive and stealing some very expensive items.

"They were stealing firearms, televisions, computers, just all the valuable items out of your home," said Lt. Shannon Hart with the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

"It's very surprising that in this neighborhood and in such a nice community that we would have such episodes of burglary but unfortunately it's still the case," said Waller.

Now Colquitt County Deputies are working with authorities in Grady County to see if these three are connected in similar crimes in that area.

"We've talked to those agencies and they have similar burglaries like we have and the same vehicle description was given in those," said Lt. Hart.

Neighborhood watch signs are posted throughout the subdivision and Waller says she is encouraging neighbors to keep an eye out for suspicious people.

For now, she's happy these three are off the streets and behind bars.

"I was very grateful and I hope that this sets the tone for any type of vandalism that happens in our neighborhood won't be tolerated," said Waller.

Waller says she's pushing for street lights to be installed in the subdivision

Colquitt County investigators say it's pretty uncommon for them to see buglers cross state lines.

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