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Lee Co. Sheriff's Office searches for thief


The Lee County Sheriff's Office is asking the community to help them identify an entering auto suspect caught in the crime on surveillance video.

Take a look at this surveillance video.  Kyle Luckie recorded it with the surveillance video system at his home on Chukar Court in December 4 around 4 in the morning.

That man checks the door on one car, and it's locked. Then he turns to the other, and finds an open door, goes inside, and steals an iPad. 

Sheriff Reggie Rachals says it shows why you need to lock your car doors.

"The crooks are looking for the easy way in, by not making much noise. Because the way this subject did it, was being very quiet. Very precise with how he shut the door and how he opened it," said Sheriff Reggie Rachals, Lee County.

If you have any information about this man, call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 759-6012.

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