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Two Albany 14 year olds indicted for armed robbery


Two 14 year old boys are indicted on armed robbery charges, for using a gun to steal a bicycle from 4 - 12 year olds. It's a crime shocking even to police and prosecutors, and they say it's becoming more common for young teens to use guns in violent crimes. The Grand Jury indicted the two 14 year olds as adults late Wednesday afternoon. Investigators say the boys admitted they robbed the kids at gunpoint, and that they are CRIP gang members.

The stickup happened here at South Madison and Jefferies Avenue on October 6th, about 8:30 at night. Police say four 12 year old boys were riding their bicycles home from the convenience store when they were stopped by Ryshun Jackson and Anton Sutton, both 14 year olds. The teens told the boys to give them their bikes, and the four kids refused.

Dougherty Chief Assistant District Attorney Matt Breedon said "One of the 14 year olds said Well I guess my friend is just going to have to shoot you. And the friend lifted up his shirt and displayed a weapon to the four 12 year old boys."

Investigators say the 14 year olds stole one bicycle, and left. The 12 year old victims ran to one's home and called police. October 16th and 19th Jackson and Sutton were arrested. Investigators say the boys confessed, and also confessed they are CRIP gang members.

 Breedon said "It's a serious problem. It's becoming epidemic in this community. The violence we have, especially with the young age kids in our society, in our community."

The two 14 year olds are charged as adults, with armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault.  And if convicted because they used a gun face long prison sentences.

Breedon said "Armed robbery carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. A minimum sentence of 10 years in prison with no parole."

Even though the two teens are charged as adults, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office officials would not release their mug shots because they are juveniles, as is their standard operating policy.

When Police were investigating the armed robbery, one of the 14 year old's mother confirmed her son did come home that day with a unknown bicycle, and told Police she knew he had a gun that day.

Prosecutors say they don't know if this robbery was gang related, or just a crime of opportunity by the teens.

The Dougherty County jail says Jackson is not in their facility Thursday, but Sutton is still behind bars.

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