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Valdosta school teaches with iPads


Students at one Valdosta school are learning through a non-traditional instrument... iPads.

Every single student at Valdosta Early College Academy now has his own Apple tablet, as the school is taking learning to new heights.

Valdosta Early College Academy is the first school in South Georgia to give all 174 students their own iPad. These 8th graders are discussing poetry through their tablets.

"It's pretty cool because I think we're allowed to take our own learning into our own hands," said 8th grader Austin Blanton.

Donated by Valdosta State University, these iPads are now the main instrument teachers use to conduct class. And the teaching applications are endless.

"Hikodet is a very innovative app that allows students to create a presentation and they're able to present that to their classmates,"  said Teacher Johnnie Marshall.

14-year-old Austin Blanton recently taught his class about refraction. "It's the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle other than 90 degrees. And we got up in front of the classroom and we were allowed to like teach others about this and they took notes about it."

Through the Edmoto app teachers can assign quizzes right here in the classroom and students can get their results instantly.

Marshall says through the iPads teaching has gone to new heights.  "Now we get an opportunity to think totally different, and were able to utilize different strategies while using the iPads."

Marshall says at the rate modern technology is progressing, he's glad his students are ahead of the game.   

The high schoolers are even allowed to take the tablets home to work on projects and homework.

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