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APD captain resigns after investigation


Albany Police Captain Darrin Abner was interviewed by authorities about his job on October 15th. 

In the investigation report, the 17-year veteran admitted teaching a class at Albany State University, but supervisors say he often explained his absence to ADDU supervisors by citing family issues.

Law enforcement heads say integrity is the major issue here. "Police officers should be and are held to a higher degree of responsibility and integrity than the regular person, regular employee.  And we ought to live up to that," said Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry.

The investigation was started because of unexplained mileage and gas use in Abner's ADDU vehicle. A tracking device was placed on Abner's vehicle, and he was tracked for eight months to show a regular pattern.

The device showed him driving the SUV to areas without approval, including the metro Atlanta area twice.

That tracking device pointed out his teaching at Albany State University when supervisors thought he was on duty. And city officials say all government employees have to be accountable.

"That would be the point that I think would be driven here, is that by no stretch of the imagination can something like this go on and not be brought to the surface.  And everybody needs to pay attention to it," said Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis.

Abner, after the interview, admitted also taking his county vehicle out of state one time.

October 16th, the morning after this interview, Abner resigned.

The investigation was concluded, citing 52 different events wherein possible standard operating policy violations could exist.

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