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Quitman robbers quickly captured

18-year-old Andrew Rogers is accused of robbing the Gas-N-Go 18-year-old Andrew Rogers is accused of robbing the Gas-N-Go
Police Chief Wesley Ross Police Chief Wesley Ross
Ricky Patel, store clerk Ricky Patel, store clerk

Two men are in jail after Quitman after an armed robbery. Police say one man robbed a convenience store at gunpoint while the other helped plan it all.

The thief got away, but police caught him just hours later.   

18-year-old Andrew Rogers is accused of robbing the Gas-N-Go convenience store in Quitman Monday night. Police say he held up the owner and a clerk at gunpoint and demanded they put all the cash in the register in his backpack. 

And Wednesday investigators charged his accomplice, Christopher Aguilar,  with accessory to an armed robbery. Both men are booked in the Brooks Co. Jail.

"He just told me to lay down and give him all the money, and I give it to him," said Ricky Patel, store clerk. 

Rogers got away with almost $1,000. But Quitman Police detectives found him six hours later sitting in a car on the side of the road. Chief Wesley Ross says it wasn't hard to identify the thief.

He walked around the store for about five minutes without a mask on, and at one point pretended he was getting a drink.

"We were able to positively identify him because he did not put his mask on until after he entered the store," said Police Chief Wesley Ross.

Patel says due to high blood pressure and sheer fright his boss suffered a heart attack during the robbery. He was rushed to Brooks County Hospital and is expected to be okay.

"The guy comes and he sees that he as a gun in hand, and anyway, he had blood pressure, so that's why you know he was scared, really," said Patel.

Rogers ran off, and Chief Ross says it took a group effort to find him.  "We were very lucky with this one, we had good videos, the store owner was very helpful, the community, his friends , everyone was very helpful."

Chief Ross says they are working to return the stolen cash back to the store owner.

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