Viewpoint: Make a wise education hire

Dr. Joshua Murfree's troubled tenure as Dougherty County's School Superintendent is finally coming to an end.

Dr. Murfree and the school board worked together to work out an exit plan for him without any kind of drawn out, public battle that could have further disrupted the school system's operations.

As soon as the new school board is sworn in next month,  they must give their full and immediate attention to hiring a new superintendent.   It is encouraging that they have asked the Georgia School Board Association, for help in evaluating qualified candidates.

But you may recall this organization ranked the 37 candidates last time for the school board, and they hired the one ranked 34th on the list.

A suggestion would be to hire from the top of the list this time, not from the bottom.  Our school system needs, and our students deserve, an exceptional leader.

We urge board members to conduct a transparent and exhaustive search, to find an outstanding superintendent with the experience and passion necessary, to get the Dougherty County School System back on track.