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State of the art dialysis center opens in Adel


A brand new state of the art dialysis center opened its door today in Adel. It's one of the biggest dialysis clinics in south Georgia with 21 individual stations.

Dialysis patients have to receive treatment 3 to 4 days a week in order to survive. It's a process that can become exhausting, but a new dialysis center nicknamed "the healing center" hopes to ease the exhaustion. The new state of the art dialysis facility in Adel is bringing quality care to south Georgians.

"It's my life, it's life sustaining. I mean without dialysis I would not be able to live," said patient Alvin Martin.

Martin has been receiving this lifesaving treatment for two decades. He travels four times a week from Tifton to Adel's new facility.

"My natural kidneys were removed, so dialysis is everything for me, it takes the place of my kidneys totally," said Martin.

And it's patients like Martin that are thankful for this new environment.

Obviously going through dialysis is a very uncomfortable treatment. But with reclining chairs, and your own personal television, getting treatment here isn't that bad.

"The environment makes a big difference, yes it does, it makes you much more comfortable," said Martin.   

The facility's Medical Director has been treating dialysis patients in the area for nearly a decade. He says this day has been years in the making.

"This is our dream facility, truly. We've been waiting for it to materialize and we're here and we're celebrating, it is a very special day for us," said Dr. Arunas Urbonas.

The center currently has 21 chairs, but if the community response is positive, the center is ready to expand to provide even more treatment.

The new facility is also a "green" clinic. The solar roof panels will provide more than half of the energy needed to power the building.

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