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Happy Birthday Text Messaging

First text sent 20 years ago saying "Merry Christmas" First text sent 20 years ago saying "Merry Christmas"
Cell phone users say text messaging has come along way Cell phone users say text messaging has come along way
Text messaging celebrates 20 year anniversary Text messaging celebrates 20 year anniversary

Text messaging celebrated a milestone Monday. The thumb-numbing talking format celebrated it's 20th birthday.

An English engineer sent the first text saying "Merry Christmas" from a computer to a cell phone December 3, 1992.

But Monday it's become the most popular form of communication, even right here in south west Georgia.

"Things have changed a lot," says cell phone user JoAnn Lane.

"It started with 500 messages, 1000 messages and instead of paying 5 cents per message over they just want unlimited texting because it's a daily, all day thing. No body talks on the phone anymore," says Feroz Lakhani, a cell phone accessories store owner.

The younger generation including teens and young adults seem to be the front runners in today's mass media texting frenzy but as the thumb-numbing talking format gains popularity, even the oldest cell phone users are starting to shoot a text.

"Instant connection with whoever you want to if they have their cell phone close to them which I don't always do," says Lane.

Folks say it's the convenience that draws them to the easy to use talking format.

"You don't actually like have to have a whole conversation and kind of just ask a question and get an answer and be done with it," says 16-year-old Madison Sauls.

For others, it's a way of life.

"Its the era we've grown up in, the technology era and everything is kind of booming. I just feel like we've grown up with cell phones and just kind of became accustom to it," says 18-year-old Dallas Margeson.

Experts estimate people between the ages of 18 and 24 send over 4,000 text messages per month, but some say the growing cell phone use hinders people's ability to interact with others.

"I honestly think texting is going to take over the whole calling thing because people talk about how our generation can't communicate real well face to face," says Sauls.

"I think it just delays everything and kind of un-personalizes conversations," says Lakhani.

Whether you're an avid texter or you just send one every once in a while, the years of making a quick phone call could soon be a thing of the past.

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