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Pets get Christmas presents


Americans are getting ready for the holidays and have begun buying gifts for their loved ones.

Your parents, children, and friends are all likely on your Christmas list.

But what about your pet's? Your furry friends might be making out pretty well this holiday season.

With Christmas just around the corner, many Americans have begun shopping for holiday gifts.

And one industry group is predicting strong sales for an unexpected set of recipients.

"100% of our employees are giving their dogs Christmas presents, me included, and I think all of us wrap them, and put them in stockings, it is a big deal," says Dr. Ivy Chupp, Bush Animal Clinic.

53% of dogs and 38% of cats receive gifts at Christmas, according to a National Pet Owners Survey.

"We love them, we love them almost as much as we do our children," says Deena Taylor, Pet Owner.

Americans spent roughly $53 billion on their pets in 2012.

"I don't think about what it costs, we just get it," says Taylor.

Even in the current economic state, people are still splurging on their pets, especially for the holidays.

"When you go into the stores, you see stockings that are already stuffed with dog toys, cat toys, treats for the dogs, you used to not see things like that, you see sweaters for dogs, clothes for dogs," says

While nearly half of that money was spent on food, pet owners also spent big bucks on veterinary care, boarding and grooming services.

"Big time, because there is family coming, and they want their dog to look good when they family gets there, there are portraits being made, and we have tons of them who are getting groomed for portraits," says Jody Senkbeil, Magnolia Pet Resort and Spa Manager.

More proof of how your precious pups will be well taken care of this holiday season. The National Retail Federation is estimating this year's holiday sales will increase about 4%.

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