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Two charged with 30 burglaries in Brooks & Lowndes


Two suspected serial burglars are in jail tonight after admitting to breaking into nearly 20 homes in Brooks County, and a dozen more in Lowndes County. It was a tipster that helped shut down the three month crime spree.

These are just a few of the items recovered from a Valdosta motel where Brooks County deputies arrested 24-year-old Stephen Lenz and 33-year-old Melody Pollard. Amy Taylor was one of their victims, she says they stole over $7,000 worth of her belongings.

"Your jewelry really holds sentimental value that can never be replaced, there's things that were from my grandmother, from my children's grandparents, great-grandparents," said Taylor.

In Brooks County alone, deputies say the duo stole over $125,000 worth of items, from 17 homes in the area. Investigators say they broke into homes during the day, targeted ones without alarm systems, and always looked for one thing.

The biggest items they were stealing was jewelry, something they could either sell to a gold buyer, or easily on the streets.

Investigators say the two confessed to 13 other burglaries in Lowndes County and multiple others in Lanier, Cook, and Echols counties. Brooks Sheriff Mike Dewey says telling the victims the crooks were caught was the greatest feeling.

"They were elated, I mean they were ecstatic that they were caught. And now we just have to round up all of the property that was stolen as much as we can and get it back to these people," said Dewey.

Taylor said, "Knowing that somebody's come in your house and gone through all of your things makes you really uncomfortable, so it makes me feel a whole lot better that they're already in jail."

Between the two of them they have 53 charges against them in Brooks and Lowndes.

More burglary charges are coming from the other counties including a possession of cocaine charge for Lenz. They're both being held in the Brooks County Jail.

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