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Money Talks: Will reward produce a name?

Dougherty Chief Assistant D. A. Matt Breedon Dougherty Chief Assistant D. A. Matt Breedon

A second Albany business leader in two weeks is offering a cash reward to track down criminals targeting their business.

An Albany convenience store chain owner is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the masked bandit that robbed one of his stores over the weekend.

Merry Acres owner Bo Henry says he feels the five thousand dollar reward he offered last week was key to the tip that led police to arrest two young men who shot one of his guests. Now Jeff Lanier is offering cash to get another crook off the streets.

Surveillance video showed the masked bandit robs the Homerun Foods on Gillionville Road Saturday night.

He leaps over the counter, as the clerk moves back to avoid him. He looks under the counter, possibly hunting a cash box. After not finding what he wanted, he forces the clerk to open the register. The bandit never showed a weapon, but intimidated the clerk into complying.

This morning owner Jeff Lanier offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to that robber. Prosecutors say rewards often work.

"A reward can really loosen the lips of people that know something about the crime," said Dougherty Chief Assistant D. A. Matt Breedon. "Especially close friends or family members, who normally won't provide any tips of information to law enforcement. But they will for a monetary reward."

CRIMESTOPPERS works with law enforcement, offering an anonymous way to collect a reward for information, and it's officials say there is no doubt rewards work well.

 "They do. Many people will call in a tip to CRIMESTOPPERS just because they feel like it is the right thing to do. But there are people who are motivated by making that money, by making that tip," said Judy Randle of CRIMESTOPPERS.

Breedon said sometimes cash rewards can create a lot of false tips to be called in, and police have to look through all of them. But police, prosecutors, and CRIMESTOPPERS officials all agree that the community banding together to stop crime is a good thing, even if it is for a reward.

 "A reward is not always necessary, but the more people involved is always going to be better," Breedon said.

After getting cash from the cash register, watch the crook walk confidently and slowly toward the door, possibly thinking he got away with the robbery. Now store owners are offering thousands of dollars to put him behind bars. 

Police say the robber is short, only about 5 foot 5, wearing a hunter green jacket and something white over his face,

He ran off toward Beattie Road. If you have any information about the robbery, call Albany Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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