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Arrogant crook may be caught with video


Police are hoping that robber's boldness and new surveillance video will lead to his arrest. The  robber knew good and well the Camilla Family Dollar had surveillance cameras inside but he held up the store anyway without even disguising his face.

It's something that baffles investigators you're looking at surveillance video of a man who just robbed the Camilla Family Dollar.

"The fact that he didn't cover his face up, at all. He was very calm, cool. Didn't raise his voice much. Spoke very stern," said Camilla Investigator Robert Casterline.

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the store was crowded with customers. None of them aware the man at the counter was robbing the store.

"He had a firearm. He did show it to the clerk. He had it in his waistband and he pulled back just enough to let her know that he did have a weapon," Casterline said.

He asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes before nonchalantly demanding money. He asked her to go the back of the store but instead of following he walked out.

"He just casually walked out right past people. Nobody had any idea what was going on," Casterline said after we showed the picture of the suspect on WALB. 

Phone calls did come in, but so far none of the leads has panned out.

"Our local people don't have a clue who it is." But police hope you might. Take a look at him he has a beard, is wearing a doo rag and wears glasses which sit midway down his nose.

While investigators don't know if he's from the area, they hope someone knows something about this man that will lead to his arrest.

What's unclear is whether the robber got away on foot or left in a getaway car. If you recognize him, call Camilla Police at 229-336-2238.


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