Viewpoint: Shop & shove?

Our economy has been growing at a snail's pace for much too long. It is great to see so many people in the stores on Black Friday weekend.

Retail buying is just the thing we need to help the economy since consumer spending accounts for 70 percent of the nation's economy. 139 million people went shopping last weekend and for some of you, it may have seemed like they were all shopping with you.

There were times when crowds pushed and shoved to get that special bargain presumably to give to a loved one. Let's not forget the spirit of the season.

A season of love and giving, not a time to be demanding and rude. We encourage all to be courteous to your fellow shoppers, don't push and shove.

Rather, smile and say 'pardon me' or 'thank you,' and say 'Merry Christmas' and really mean it.

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