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South Georgians want to win the powerball jackpot


$550,000,000 it's a stunning amount of money and it's what Wednesday night's record Powerball jackpot is up to.

Can you even imagine having that much money?

A lot of south Georgians are dreaming about it and hoping they match the numbers being picked right now.

The atmosphere was optimistic in one Albany Convenience store where so many tickets were sold at this particular location that they ran out of playing slips for a while all because players want a piece of the 550 million dollar pie.

Kendra Hunter was one of many people waiting in line this evening at Woodalls on Slappey Blvd. to get her hands on Powerball tickets.

The winning ticket will make someone more than a half a billion dollars richer.

"I hope these are to winning tickets, Lord, to freedom. Thank you Jesus," said Virginia Sherman.

We watched as many came in shelling out cash, hoping to be the winner of tonight's jackpot.

"I'd just like to win part of it, I wouldn't want all of it," said George Harper

George Harper says he spent more than 40 bucks for tickets Wednesday night but if he wins he'll look out for future generations.

"My Grandbaby wants to go to art school and that's $40,000 a year," said Harper.

"If I win I'm going to buy a brand new home and everybody in my household a brand new car," said Sherman.

The real winner in tonight's madness is students here in Georgia and this hits close to home for Hunter because she is a school teacher and that's why she played Wednesday night.

"The money goes to the Georgia lottery which helps college students and students in the state of Georgia," said Hunter.

With the odds being at 1 and 175,000,000 these players still like their chances to win.

"If you don't play, you aren't going to win," said Harper.

He and many others hope they hold the winning ticket.

You are more likely to be eaten by a shark or win an Oscar than hit Wednesday's jackpot but if you do get the right numbers, make sure to sign the back of that ticket to claim whatever prize you win.

 And those winning numbers are 5, 23, 16, 22, 29 and the powerball is 6.

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