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APD urges businesses to update surveillance cameras


As crime increases during this holiday season Albany Police and the Dougherty District Attorney are urging business owners to improve security at their stores.

Law enforcers say letting crooks know there are surveillance cameras in businesses is a good way to prevent crime. 

Tuesday Albany Police credited good surveillance video with helping them make quick arrests of two men charged with shooting a motel guest over the holiday weekend. 

And they urge merchants to make sure their surveillance cameras are up to date and working.

The surveillance video from the Merry Acres motel that investigators say helped them make a quick arrest in the shooting of a guest. 

Earlier this month a man robbed a SunTrust Bank Branch, and police were able to put remarkable pictures of the bandit out to the media in just hours.

Albany Police say all business owners should take note.

"The surveillance video really helps us a lot," said Albany Police Detective Charlie Roberts.

District Attorney Greg Edwards agrees that improved camera systems are needed now, because of a rise in violent crimes during the holidays.

"Around Christmas time, around holidays, everybody wants to have their Christmas.  Even at the expense of other people.  We know this is why we have this rise in crime," said Greg Edwards, Dougherty D.A.

Business owners are urged to install surveillance camera systems outside as well as inside their stores because their recordings can help police spot crooks on the video casing out crimes.

"You never know.  Every person that is committing these crimes because they are crimes of opportunity, don't rush home and change clothes and then come back and do it.  So the police will identify whoever that is," said Roberts

The District Attorney says surveillance cameras are reliable witnesses that don't make mistakes, and help prevent crime.

"It is a small investment that will lead to big returns in cutting your costs and improve your security at your business," said Edward

The D.A. says surveillance video also is very powerful evidence for juries during court cases getting crooks off the streets.

Companies that sell surveillance video equipment say sales in Albany are very good. They say the good news, the latest camera systems are cheaper, while the quality is much better.

The District Attorney urges business owners to work together and overlap fields of surveillance with neighboring merchants' cameras to protect their neighborhood better.

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