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Would you quit your job if you won $500 million tonight?

The chances of winning the half a billion dollar jackpot tonight are one in 175 million. You actually have a better chance at being struck by lighting.

There are plenty of things you could buy with the winnings. But here are a couple of things you couldn't.

You could not buy an NFL team. The cheapest team is the Minnesota Vikings and they're worth $604 million dollars.

The software company Apple is also off limits. The company is worth an estimated $620 billion dollars.

This is one of the biggest jackpots in lottery history. We talk to some college students at Waffle House who said they know exactly what to do with all the money.

"I would actually start a college scholarship fund for Black American students," said ASU Student Alexander Bouyer.

"I would pay my student loans off. I would buy a Siberian Tiger. I wouldn't even tell anybody that I won,"ASU Student Chris Deigh.

"I would buy a Camel. I always wanted a Camel. I would get a camel and ride it around all the time. I wouldn't even use a car," said ASU Student Jeremy Wright.

One single power ball ticket is $2 dollars. If you take the lump sum you'll still walk away with $327 million dollars before taxes.

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