Viewpoint: WG&L pay snafu repeated?

150 Albany Water, Gas & Light employees were put in a financial bind last week when a payroll worker ran a reverse payroll.

Instead of their checks being directly deposited into their bank accounts, the amount of their checks was actually deducted from their accounts.

Many of them were overdrawn at the bank the day before Thanksgiving.

What makes this so egregious is that it's the second time it's happened--  at the hands of the same payroll fill-in worker.

The first time, it could be chalked up to human error. But for Water, Gas and Light to allow the same employee to make the same mistake two years in a row is reprehensible.

Shame on WG&L for allowing a careless mistake to be repeated at the expense of Albany taxpayers.

We expect more from you and so do your employees. We hope that steps will be taken to prevent this from ever happening again.

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