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Death toll on Georgia highways surge


As the Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, people are hitting the roads to head home.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest highway traffic days of the year. Motorists are more likely to encounter reckless drivers and speeding. 

So far this weekend more than a dozen people have died on Georgia highways. 

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming to an end and although the stores are emptying out, the roads are dangerously filling up.

"People need to be more alert and slow down because we are actually stopping people at a lower speed, the old saying, of I can go 10 over, that is not true anymore," said Sgt. Shawn Urquhart, GSP Post 40 Commander.

AAA says, more than 39 million Americans traveled by car more than 50 miles over the long Thanksgiving holiday period.

"It seems like some of them are pushing the limit, if you go the speed limit, you are probably being passed," said Mike Frits, Motorist.

Mike Frits is traveling back to home to Augusta after the long holiday and says safety is the number one priority.

"Coming home from a Holiday, people are tired, so it does cause some anxiety," said Frits.

The Georgia State Patrol has every available trooper on the road watching for speeders, people not wearing their seat belts, and impaired drivers.

"It is more prevalent during the holiday season because people are going to parties, hanging out with family, just enjoying the festivities, so they partake a little bit more," said Urquhart.

So far, during this holiday period, 19 people have died on Georgia Highways, that surpasses last year's 18 fatalities.

"We don't want to have to work anymore fatalities or anything so we are hoping people will pay attention, slow down, and leave in time to get where you need to be," said Urquhart.

That way you can get there, safely.

Nearly half of the people killed on Georgia's roads so far this year were not wearing seat belts.

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