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WG&L Finance Director wants payroll mistake fees waived


Some Albany Water, Gas and Light employees didn't know if they'd have money to spend on this Black Friday because of a payroll mistake.

Friday is the day that a payroll error was supposed to have been corrected.

As we told you Wednesday, a WG&L worker accidentally debited employees' direct deposits rather than credit them.

As a result, many of those workers bounced checks and Albany taxpayers may have to pay for the mistake.

"We believe we can get the banks to waive all these fees but if it comes about that we can't get them to waive these fees we will reimburse everyone of the employees," said John VanSant, WG&L Finance Director.

Vansant says he wants to work with SB&T Bank to get computer software changed so this mistake which has happened twice won't happen again.

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