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Tifton police search for armed robbers


Dangerous robbers are on the loose in Tifton.

A masked gunman ran into a store and shot a clerk in the chest without saying a word.

It's a frightening holdup that has Tifton police on alert.

That clerk is alive and Tifton Police say three men were involved in that robbery and shooting.

Investigators say this crime is disturbing because it's rare for a gunman to shoot a clerk without giving the clerk a chance to cooperate. 

The clerk's husband was in the back when he heard the gunshot.

"I follow him to look where he go," said Narendra Amin, Victim's Husband/Owner

But he didn't get far. Two more masked men ordered him back into the store at gunpoint.

"My wife had hand here and she give the money all I got and I pulled out my drawer and is it," said Amin.

They took the cash and ran away. That's when he realized his wife had been shot in the chest.

"I tell her sit there, and I see blood and when I see she got a hole here," said Amin.

"I personally have never seen someone enter the store and immediately shoot the clerk," said Lt. Lee Dunston, Tifton Police Department.

Tifton Police Investigator Lee Dunston says it appears the violent crime was planned.

"The first guy would go in shoot the clerk, when he ran out the other two would taking the money," said Dunston.

And it could of been worse.

"The hammer was back all he had to do is squeeze the trigger," said Dunston.  

Before the shooter went inside the store he tried to rob the men sitting in the front of the store.

"They hit him, got a little scratch here," said Dunston.

Police think the armed robbery at Jay's may be connected to last week's robbery a few blocks away at Goff Convenience Store.

"If the two crimes are connected, one would assume they jump from firing no shots, to firing one point blank into the chest of the female, what might be next so the natural progression would be for someone to lose their life," said Dunston.

"All I think about is my wife," said Amin.

Amin hopes his wife will fully recover.

The wounded clerk is out of the hospital but still has a bullet in her chest.

Her family tells us she will have surgery in a couple of weeks to remove that bullet.

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