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Holiday travelers try not to stress out


Terry Skinkis is like millions of other Americans heading out of town this thanksgiving.

"I'm headed to Atlanta to connect in Denver, Colorado," said Skinkis

He knows the airports will be crowded, but he's not letting that affect him.

"No, I travel enough that I'm not. You can't be stressed and traveling. Never count on it getting any place and you'll never be disappointed and that's the way I look at it right now," said Skinkis.

Southwest Georgia Regional Airport Director Yvette Aehle says travelers leaving town had a smooth transition Wednesday, but she knows coming back may be a little different.

"Saturday and Sunday we have over 80% of our seats booked so were going to have strong travel on our way out and back," said Aehle.

Drivers are also taking to the roads in larger numbers than recent years.  They're finding high gas prices, but one driver we talked to recently says that won't disrupt his plans.

"I'm going to go see my grandmother and hey she's important to me so whatever the gas prices are, I'll take that in stride and move forward," said commuter Darryl West.

As for Skinkis he has advice for other travelers who may get bogged down by the holiday travel stress.

"Just don't ever get stressed on it because you can only get from A to B if the plane gets there. That's all you need to worry about," said Skinkis.

He hopes people heed his advice so they'll enjoy the traveling part of the holiday.

Thanksgiving travel is costing more with higher gas and airline prices.

A survey by shows 38% of travelers expect to spend more than last year.

46% will spend the same and 10% will spend less.


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