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Be safe while holiday shopping


The streets of Downtown Thomasville are quiet now, but once the holiday weekend rolls in, they will be buzzing with shoppers.

"Now Saturday is almost as big of a deal for small business with Small Business Saturday. American Express pushes that to their customers that they get a 25 dollar credit for shopping small," said The Bookshelf Owner Katie Chastain.

"We're just hoping that everyone shops locally because this is a really busy weekend for all merchants everywhere and just that we have a lot of shoppers," said Loli's Co-Owner Logan Taylor.

Police say while it is important to have a fun holiday weekend, it's more important to have a safe one.

They say crime and theft rates do rise during this time of the year.

"We will be looking out for people at night walking around businesses in the business area as well as in the daytime in our shopping centers. We will be increasing our patrols in all of those areas when it comes to the holiday season," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

A few south Georgia merchants have their own warnings for the public.

"Make sure if you're in a crowd watch your purse, watch your merchandise. We don't see a huge issue with it in Downtown Thomasville. The local police are great at patrolling the streets, but there is an issue and a lot of people want to bring stuff home to their kids and can't afford it," said Chastain.

"Make sure you watch your valuables and watch your stuff and it's locked up and in a safe place while you shop," said Taylor.

Police also caution holiday shoppers to never buy more items than they can carry, have your keys in hand when you approach your vehicle, and never leave anything of value that is visible through your car windows.

Police say some of the more common crimes this time of year are shoplifting, armed robbery, and entering auto.


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