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Four men in RV burglarize Adel auto store


Four men are in the Cook County Jail tonight accused of breaking into an Adel auto parts store and stealing merchandise.

Police say the men were traveling across country in a motor home and when it broke down they broke into an auto repair shop for and stole hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

They didn't get very far before they got caught.

Four men were on a cross-country road trip headed to sunny Daytona Beach. But car troubles caused them to detour in the quiet town of Adel. The Advanced Auto Parts store allowed them to stay on the property overnight while a car part was expected to arrive the next morning. But last night they decided not to wait. Police say they broke into the store and stole $400 worth of mobile power inverters.

"When you're in a small town like this and you have the coverage of officers that we have there's a good chance that if you commit a crime, you will be caught in the act or shortly thereafter," said Detective Jon Blake, Adel Police Department.

After the alarm sounded the men headed south on I-75. Lowndes County deputies were told to look out for the vehicle. They spotted the men near exit 18.

"Had we not had the radio communication, the coordination descriptions or anything like that, these four gentlemen may have gotten away with this burglary and gotten on down to Daytona Beach undetected," said Blake.

But Adel Police also believe these men stole equipment from a construction truck nearby.

Brian Stone Construction right across the street also has $150 worth of electrical cords missing from a truck.

"I guess we're going to have to start locking stuff up in our office or in the trailer, and maybe seeing about putting some security cameras up out here," said Heath Day, Brian Stone Construction.

Right now the men are all charged with burglary and Adel Police may be filing more charges within the next few days.

Investigators say the men denied the burglary and claimed they were sleeping the whole time. Officers recovered the stolen merchandise in the vehicle. The men are from Michigan and Indiana.

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