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Feeding the Homeless and Hungry


Dozens of less fortunate people enjoyed a Thanksgiving Meal today thanks to a south Georgia minister. But for some folks..its not he food they're looking for..its a special box: a prayer box.

Zeddie Man is a minister and Founder of Fish and Bread Ministries. He provides meals to less fortunate people but along with the food. He also brings a prayer box where folks can write down concerns, or troubles and leave them in God's hands.

Some of these men call this abandoned lot on Lincoln street 'home.'

Eddie Loud has lived here for more than 20 years. "You got about 150 guys out here everyday that don't have nothing," he said.

They don't have much, but Zeddie Mann, the Founder of Fish and Bread Ministry helps get them through. " I call them God's disciples," he said.

Mann is a pastor for Fish and Bread ministries. For five years, he's set up a table in front of the lot, and every Monday and Friday he serves meals to anyone in need.

"If you got nothing, that guy right there, he will bring you something," said  Loud of Mann.

Today he served special Thanksgiving Meal. "It's good and I love it and I appreciate it," said Charles Smith.

But sometimes, these guys need a more than just a meal. They need a place to feed their soul too.

"I have people tell me I don't want the food, Just want the prayer box," Mann said.

Mann always brings this prayer box along to the feedings. He says it is the most important part of the whole event.

"God is in the box, and once it goes in the box they know God is hearing their prayers."

Men, women and children take advantage of the opportunity to put their troubles in God's hands. .

"I be praying for my family and me and everyone else you know," said Smith.

And for some, it's made a big difference.  "This relieves lot of pressure, because once it goes in that box, they know God is there,"  Mann said.

Some of these guys will stay here for the rest of their lives, others will move on to bigger and better things.

"I know they're doing a nice thing, especially for these guys that be around here all the time."

In the meantime, Mann and the box will make a big difference.  

Mann lives in Cordele. He makes the drive every Monday and Friday to Albany because he says he feels God called him to the area.

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