Viewpoint: Ag is still King

The heartbeat of the economy of South Georgia has always been tied to the rich soil and the products it yields.

It's a $65 Billion chunk of the Georgia Economy.

One in Seven working Georgians, work in Ag, timber or related fields.

Bell Plantation in Tifton is expanding from a warehouse to a manufacturer of Low Calorie Peanut Butter.  That adds 350 more jobs to the Ag economy of Georgia.

And a Canadian company is embracing the Georgia Timber business.  Stella Jones is opening a wood treatment plant in  Cordele adding another 50 jobs to the Georgia Timber Economy.

We view this as a good sign when companies tied to our soil and Ag products bring more jobs to Georgia instead of shipping our raw materials elsewhere for processing.

In the continuing Sluggish economy we are happy to see more companies embracing the reality that Ag is King in Georgia.