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Meth shipment intercepted

McGee took delivery of the Meth, and was immediately arrested McGee took delivery of the Meth, and was immediately arrested

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents expect to make more arrests in an Albany to metro Atlanta drug connection.

One suspect is in jail. An undercover agent suffered scrapes and bruises while arresting him after agents delivered tens of thousands of dollars worth of meth, intercepted by investigators, to his house.

Drug agents say when they identified themselves as police, the drug suspect tried to throw the crystal meth in a holding pond and one of the agents suffered minor injuries stopping him from destroying the evidence.

These ten ounces of crystal meth, worth about $35,000 on the streets, were intercepted by agents from the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force late Tuesday night in Henry County.

The drugs were supposed to be delivered to 32-year-old Brian McGee at this house on Pace Street.

"It's been a long time since we've seen this much meth in Albany," said Albany Dougherty Drug Unit, Commander Major Bill Berry.

Albany Dougherty Drug agents recognized the address as soon as the Flint Drug Agents told them about the delivery. They had been monitoring McGee and the suspected dope house where he lived.

"It's difficult.  It's a dead-end street.  It's hard to get in there and watch and not be made or seen. So we got a lucky break," said Berry.

About 6 Wednesday morning two ADDU undercover drug agents delivered the meth to 32-year-old Brian McGee.  When they started to arrest him, McGee tried to run.

"A struggle ensued as he tried to get rid of the meth, and the officers had to take him down, injuring one of our officers slightly," said Berry.

There were six other people in the house. Drug agents found marijuana, pills, more meth and an elaborate video surveillance system in the yard, with a monitor in McGee's truck so he could keep watch for trouble.

Drug agents call this bust a significant dent in the meth drug market in South Georgia.

"This is large for us. It's been a long time since we have seen this much meth in this area," said Berry.

Drug agents are still investigating, and expect to make more arrests in Albany and perhaps in Henry County.

Major Berry said the injured drug agent was not seriously hurt, and will return to duty Monday.

We went to that house on Pace Street this afternoon, and there was a woman inside the home when we arrived but she drove away quickly.

McGee was already wanted for two other outstanding warrants for simple battery and criminal trespass.

Now he has about a half a dozen more drug and obstruction of officer charges and he is being held without bond at the Dougherty County Jail. 

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