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Tifton Police hope survelliance video help catch robber


He looked as though he were ready for a hunting trip but a man clad in an orange vest carrying a bowie knife was only after money when he robbed a Tifton convenience store this week.

Thursday police showed us surveillance video of the robbery which happened in broad daylight.

Wearing an orange hunting vest this armed robber stands out on surveillance video. Watch as he waves a long knife while demanding money from the clerk. The attire though has even detectives puzzled.

"That's something would stick out. It's something that's very odd," said Sgt. Dorminey McRae, Tifton Police.

The robber struck the Spee-Go on Carpenter Road around 9:30 a.m. Monday. It's normally busy, but no customers were inside at the time.

That is a busy intersection during that time of the morning we're pretty sure he probably cased the store out," said McRae.

Luckily the terrified clerk wasn't hurt and followed the demands of the knife wielding crook. Realizing at any minute someone could walk in, the orange vest bandit had only one thing in mind.

"He was more concerned with getting the money as opposed to doing any harm to the cashier. He was in and out rather quickly," said McRae.

The man took off running but police hope his dress of choice may have caught the attention of passing drivers in the area. While this suspect remains on the run, police want to warn store owners to be extra vigilant with Christmas just a few weeks away.

"We're asking all business to be more alert and more of aware of their surroundings. Crime generally does increase around the holiday seasons," said McRae.

Right now police hope someone can identify the man wearing the orange vest before he strikes again.

Now the robber did have a bandana covering his face but the store clerk told investigators she believed he may have been white about 5'6 and in his twenties. If you have information about this case, you can call TPD's anonymous tip line at 391-3991.

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